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Facelift Gym – What Does It Do?


Welcome to the SuzieQ review of Facelift Gym, which is an alternative to cosmetic surgery.  We all get older until we die – how’s that for a statement of the blindingly obvious?! Well, I don’t mind getting older, because as the years go by, I feel stronger, more confident and relaxed with life. But like just about ALL women everywhere, I don’t want to look any older than I absolutely have to.

I don’t have the money to spend on cosmetic surgery, but I want a way to reduce the bags under my eyes and generally smooth wrinkles away.

What Are The Claims For Facelift Gym?

These before and after shots really speak for themselves and the manufacturers back it up with a fourteen day money-back guarantee. I’ve had mine for three weeks now and I’m very impressed – when I can get my mum to give it back to me!

What Do Reviews Say About This Product


“At first, we were rather skeptical, but after using the device for a couple of weeks now, we can confirm that we have seen a definite reduction in puffiness and tightening under the eyes.”  Facelift Gym is not an instant cure, it will take two or three weeks to achieve maximum results, that said, you should see gradual improvements after a few uses and the other benefit is that the results do tend to remain, ”  Woman’s Health Canada

“With under eye bag removal procedures costing somewhere in the region of one thousand pounds [around $1500- SQ], upwards, it’s good to see that a cosmetics company has taken the problem seriously and offers us a reliable and affordable alternative.” – Womens Health Review UK

There are many more reviews like this around, so I’ll move on how into how the product and system (yes, it is really a system and not just a product) works.

 Video – The Basics Of This Non-Surgical System

The core part of the system is the electrical vibration pads that are placed under the eye area and which stimulate blood-flow through your capillaries. When the system has been activated, the electrical vibrations really start to push blood through the bags under your eyes. If you are wise and use this product regularly, the benefits accrue just as they do with any gym exercise. Soon, the muscles under your eyes gain strength and the skin around your eyes becomes smoother and tighter.

Once this is done, you simply use the cooling mask we provide with the facelift Gym kit to “cool down” the area around the eyes. On days when you do not use the system, you can use the unique facelift repair pads to clean and absorb the toxins in your skin that have built up, often from fatty creams or makeup. There’s quite a lot more to it so I have provided a video for you right here!

I would also add that other systems such as Dermawand ® may claim to do these things but they are really very different.

Suzie's Ratings

Smoothe WrinklesSuperb
Remove Eye BagsFantastic!
Easy to useFantastic!
Product QualitySuperb
Overall RatingFantastic!

Ratings Guide

These ratings are based on the personal benefits I got from this product, but also on seeing just how effective it was on my mum who’s now in her mid fifties (or so she says!) while I’m mid thirties (or so I say!). All in all the only very slight concern I had was that the product is not fragile, but it’s also not as robust as I might want. It really did smooth away many of my more superficial wrinkles and made a good dent even in the deeper ones. Where it really shone though was in the reduction of the bags under my eyes – amazing!

Where Can I Buy The Product At The Best Price?

You need to get this product directly from the supplier and enjoy the money-back guarantee and warranty they provide. Here are the European and United States links for you:

EU Customers

Click here to go to the OFFICIAL EUROPEAN STORE and start your home facelift NOW. And remember – you have a money-back guarantee, so you’ve nothing to lose but the bags under your eyes!

United States Customers

Click here to go to the OFFICIAL UNITED STATES STORE and start your home facelift NOW. And remember – you have a money-back guarantee, so you’ve nothing to lose but the bags under your eyes!

Can you Compare with other Products?

I have provided a Comparison With Dermawand® you can get to via the link.

By Suzie Quaterno at Google+